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What is the Right Dose of Magic Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are a different kind of fungi which contain an active ingredient called psilocybin. The magic mushrooms is now classed amongst a couple of other substances as a plant that initiates notably psychedelic responses from the human psychological system. These shrooms have formed part of an age long tradition passed down in some cultures […]

Magic Mushrooms Can Change Your Personality!

It is safe to say that we all have some part of our personality that we wish we could change for the better. Whether it’s short temper, lack of empathy, selfish behavior, fear or some external stimuli, etc. Those unwanted traits that just trigger something in you that you wish you had full control over. […]


Meditation being an ancient act, is simply the practice of relaxing, stabilizing, and calming the mind making mentally and emotionally fit. Similarly, psychedelics also increases one’s mental awareness. The combination of both has often been proven to be very helpful and is starting to be an emerging area of interest for researchers. Nupep Shrooms offers […]