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Weed Hash Canada, aka Hashish

Hashish is also known as Hash. It has other names depending on the region. It is a cannabis concentrate. It is a drug made by pressing the marijuana plant, most especially the flower buds, which contain the most trichomes. It can be consumed in various ways, such as vaporizing, dabbing, or even oral ingestion. The appearance of Hash depends on the processes by which it was made. Its effects could range from a short term to a long term effect. The common indicator of its quality is the smell. High-quality Hash has an aromatic scent, while low-quality Hash has a moldy scent.

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Positive Effects of Hashish

According to researchers, Hash is associated with joyful moods, an increased feeling of relaxation, composure, and happiness. It also increases dizziness and hunger. In past times, Hash has been used for various reasons by different communities because of their belief that it has spiritual and therapeutic properties. In recent times, it has been reported that people consume Hash to promote a sensation and cause a happy feeling. Even today, many people take Hash to enhance a high feeling and a positive mood together with a composed state. However, the experience differs for each individual.

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Medical Benefits of Hashish

Medically, Hash is used to treating stress and depression in patients. As said earlier, Hash causes a joyful mood, reducing stress and anxiety. As the brain relaxes, minor stressors no longer feel so important. It also helps ease minor body pain or headache and some types of arthritis. Marijuana has an evident anti-inflammatory property. Reducing body aches automatically makes one feel more comfortable, boosting overall body functions. Some people also use Hash when they experience difficulty in sleeping. Hash is known to boost feelings of relaxation. It has soothing properties, which help relax the brain to promote sleep. If paired with heavy muscle relaxation, you will find sleep effortlessly. Remember, each person’s experience is unique to that person.

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Different Types of Hashish

The various types of Hash are named according to how it is made.

  • Bubble Hash: It is solvent-free and has the highest marijuana level
  • Dry-sift Hash: It is made by shaking the plant over a fine mesh screen to capture the powdery resin as it falls from the plant.
  • Finger Hash aka rub: The quality of this Hash can be affected by the quality of the plant itself. It is made by using your fingers to cause friction.
  • Dry ice Hash: It is made by separating the trichomes producing Hash in a powdery form than can be consumed by smoking.
  • Royal AfghaniHash: This method usually uses water to separate the resin glands to produce Hash.
  • Lebanese Hash: In this method, plants are left to dry and then used to make the trichomes of marijuana. This is then pressed to make Hash.

Hashish vs. Marijuana Flowers

Hash contains resin glands, excluding the plant material. This makes it 3 to 5 times more potent than marijuana flowers. Hash and marijuana have very different appearances. They do not look alike at all. Marijuana flowers have bright green colors, and it is covered with crystal-like leaves, while Hash has a much darker green color, almost looking like brown. Depending on the type of Hash, it is often stored tightly in a brick-like shape or sand-like substance. Marijuana flowers should be ground up and smoked or vaporized. Hash can be taken in various ways compared to marijuana flowers. It can be dabbed, smoked, or even eaten like in the old times. Hash and marijuana flowers have intense aromas, but marijuana flowers retain their more intense aroma except when smoked.

Hashish vs. Cannabis Concentrates

Hash doesn’t have much strength compared to most concentrates like shatter wax, budder weed, and live resin, making it perfect for newbies just joining the concentrate group. Other concentrates have a marijuana level as high as 70%, while Hash is usually 40% on average. This is also considered potent but not as potent as other concentrates available on sale. Other marijuana concentrates usually come in just one form, unlike Hash which comes in various forms depending on how you like it. Like shatter weed or crumble wax, Hash can be taken by dabbing to enjoy the flavors and potency fully. It can also be added to a bowl and mixed with marijuana flowers. Compared to shatter weed, it will be preferable to mix your Hash with marijuana flowers because it will burn more evenly. Dry sift Hash can behave like kief, being added into bowls for enhanced enjoyment.

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Hashish vs. Weed Edibles

Hashish should be smoked, while edibles should be eaten. In olden times, people prefer to consume their Hash with food for healing purposes, but it is not a common practice nowadays. In recent times, dabbing or smokingHashish is more effective. Edibles cause an increased feeling of euphoria but have a slower onset of action when compared to Hash. After consuming edibles, the cannabinoids pass through the body and go into the digestive system to make it into the bloodstream. This will cause a slower onset of action, but the benefits will last longer hours.

In comparison, Hash causes a feeling of euphoria similar to that of a regular marijuana flower. This is because, after smoking Hash, it goes directly to the bloodstream and bypasses the digestive system. This result in a rapid onset of action, and the benefits would last for just a short time. Generally, consuming an edible will result in an increased state of euphoria compared to Hash.

How to Make Hashish

Hash is easy to make, and it has existed for a long time now. In the olden times, people used their fingers to cause friction s to separate the resin from the flower. In recent times, people have used heat and pressure to achieve this. Firstly, resin glands are separated from the flower using a type of sifter. Then, the dried resin is collected by pressing it into Hash using heat and pressure. This can be done with big machines if you can afford it. You can also use a flat iron and press your resin behind the hot plates of a flat iron. Next, separate the trichomes from your flower. Depending on your preference, you can stop at this process and enjoy it this way. It is ideal for adding dry sift Hash with your flower.

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How to Consume Hashish

As mentioned earlier, Hash can be taken in various ways. You can smoke Hash from a bong or pipe. You can also add it to a bowl, especially when in dry sift form. With this method, your flower becomes very potent and is advised for only experienced concentrates users. People have also discovered that dabbing Hash is a potent and enjoyable way of enjoying Hash. To dab, your Hash, ensure it has been heated and pressed. You cannot dab dry sift hash. Another method of consuming Hash is by vaporizing. You can vape using a dry herb vaporizer. You can also eat Hash made into edibles or soaked in tea.

How to Store Hashish

Like all other cannabis concentrates, Hash should be stored in an air-tight container in a cool and dark place. Light and air cause the degradation of terpenes at a faster rate and affect their taste quality. Exposure to light and air lowers its potency and flavor profile as time goes by. The way you store Hash is very important. Apart from storing in a dark and cool place, the container should be properly labeled and sealed. You don’t want your Hash to fall into the wrong hands. Lastly, store in a place out of the reach of children.

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Side Effects of Hashish

The most common side effects of Hash are dry mouth and dry eyes. When taken in excess, it causes sleepiness, nausea, and feeling paranoia. As with other concentrates, as a newbie, start with a small dose and increase it gradually to enjoy your experience. If you observe any side effects, ensure you stay hydrated and eat well. Also, it would help if you rested when necessary. Things like having a shower can lessen the side effects.


Hashish is a cannabis concentrate. It contains a good level of marijuana, giving you a good experience. Start with a low dose and gradually increase it to enjoy yourself.

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