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  1. fernando (verified owner)

    Holy fuck! I was ready for these and yet they still surprised me. Strong visuals and distortions. I’ve been in a few rodeos and 5 grams of these kicked me on my ass! Love them!

    Avery Albino Cubensis MushroomsAvery Albino Cubensis Mushrooms

  2. Robert Davis

    Very intense buzz. Golden emperor is my new favorite but definitely stronger than I expected even on a 3 grams dose.

    Golden Emperor MushroomsGolden Emperor Mushrooms

  3. G Girardin

    Strong and absolutely hands down the best looking mushrooms I have ever seen in my life! Very different vibe from other cubensis I’ve tried but they were wonderful to eat also, very powerful!

    Brazilian Magic MushroomsBrazilian Magic Mushrooms

  4. Jackie Lonneville

    What can I say, one of the best strains of cannabis with a potent taste and a high that last for a while. Great bud for night time if you can’t sleep

    White Castle | HybridWhite Castle | Hybrid

  5. Allan Segal

    very mild taste and very potent. I had one mushroom and i had a crazy trip, huge fruiting body. Super fast shipping.

    Blue Meanie Cubensis MushroomsBlue Meanie Cubensis Mushrooms